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Here are some of the things our customers are saying:                                                                                                                           

“They were great. Very helpful.”

4/2/2014 — Grants Pass

“Appreciate getting call reminders, great customer service.”

9/15/2013 — Woodburn

“Ashley did real good today. Very efficient. Big help. Thank you”

3/20/2017 — McMinnville

“Excellent service all the way around”

9/19/2008 — Grants Pass

“Customer service is excellent - professional.”

3/8/2012 — Roseburg

“It has been a pleasure to work with Brent & his staff. I appreciate his willingness to work with me.”

1/30/2017 — McMinnville

“professional job”

5/9/2017 — McMinnville

“Very satisfied with my help, all was wonderful.”

2/24/2012 — Klamath Falls

“Very friendly people, I understood everything about my refinance loan. I felt like it was a smart move. Thank you.”

4/3/2013 — Vancouver

“Brent was awesome. Was very friendly and informative. Joann was very friendly and helpful on the phone”

2/23/2017 — McMinnville

“You guys saved my wedding! Thank you so much!!! Fast answers, I'm a customer for life!”

5/7/2014 — Grants Pass

“Great & friendly service, prompt & courteous.”

11/16/2013 — Grants Pass

“Everything was pleasant and effiecent”

4/20/2009 — Roseburg

“Very good experience, I will be back.”

7/23/2013 — Longview

“As always excellent service, Maria helped me from the phone and did it very well. Thank you.”

7/11/2007 — Hillsboro

“Great, friendly, prompt service. Great place.”

4/15/2016 — Grants Pass

“Friendly, Answered all questions I had. Good explanation of contract”

3/29/2017 — Bend

“You guys are amazing, always super helpful!”

2/20/2014 — Portland Burnside

“Great job. Nice and friendly”

12/20/2016 — McMinnville

“Very heppy with the process ~ very detailed”

6/16/2016 — Sparks

“"LIFE SAVER!!!" Very helpful and understanding. Thank you for your help Jason Vaughn”

8/29/2016 — Tacoma

“I've gotten many loans from here. Service is always good”

1/24/2017 — McMinnville

“We're impressed with the thoroughness of the transaction. It was handled very professionaly.”

5/2/2013 — Auburn

“Amazing! Wonderful! Very swet, helpful and smiley. Made the refinancing process great!!”

7/1/2016 — Longview

“Mr. Parker was very helpful and make the loan process easy. 15”

1/28/2016 — McMinnville

“Very helpful - Thanks!”

11/7/2007 — Longview

“Everything was very satisfactory”

8/8/2006 — Medford

“Fast & helpful. Thank you very much.”

9/13/2006 — Longview

“great service.”

4/17/2017 — Tacoma

“very great”

4/13/2009 — Klamath Falls

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